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Dr Antonia Hamilton

Antonia Hamilton

Dr Hamilton is a Professor in Social Neuroscience and leader of the Social Neuroscience group at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (UCL). She completed a PhD on the impact of neuronal noise for the optimal control of human arm movements (UCL), and postdoctoral work on imitation in autism and brain systems for action understanding. She was awarded the Experimental Psychology Society prize lectureship for 2013 and a Lundbeck Visting Professorship at the University of Copenhagen in 2021. She is currently Editor in Chief of the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. Her current research interests include how and why people imitate each other, how social skills differ in autism, and the neural mechanisms of face to face social interaction.

Lab members

Dwaynica Greaves is a PhD student studying theatre and the sense of self

Isla Jones is a PhD student studying audience effects

Paula Wicher is a PhD student studying mimicry

Laina Townsend is a PhD student studying gaze behaviour in social interaction

Francesco Di Cio' is a PhD student studying joint attention using hyperscanning

Lena Matyjek is an independent research fellow studying social behaviour


Sara de Felice

Maria Bell

Thomas Gilbert

Sujatha Krishnan-Barman

Patrick Falk

Roser Canigueral

Paola Pinti

Carina de Klerk

Paul Forbes

Harry Farmer

Alexandra Georgescu

Indu Dubey

Jo Hale

Dom Oliver

Sylvia Xueni Pan

Lauren Marsh

Tian Ye

Nadine Aburumman

Jamie A Ward

Amy Pearson

Lorcan Kenny

Bruce Yin Wang

Richard Ramsey

Emily Cross

Mirko Uljarevic

Imogen BoSmith


  • Dr Jamie A Ward Goldsmiths Computing
  • Dr Ilias Tachtsidis UCL Biomedical Engineering
  • Dr Marco Gillies Goldsmiths Computing
  • Prof Uta Frith ICN UCL
  • Prof Paul Burgess ICN UCL
  • Prof Joy Hirsch Yale
  • Dr Elisabeth Hill Goldsmiths
  • Dr Emily Cross Zurich
  • Dr Victoria Southgate Copenhagen
  • Dr Anna Ciaunica Lisbon
  • Dr Francys Subiaul George Washington University, USA
  • Dr Danielle Ropar Nottingham
  • Dr Maddie Groom Nottingham
  • Dr Massimiliano Conson University Secondi di Napoli


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